Meet Caitlin

The first time I went to a yoga class, I truly wasn’t impressed.  It was in college, I had no true connection to my physical body, and was living the “work hard, play harder” lifestyle.  I graduated with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Justice Studies, and furthermore a Master’s degree in Justice Studies at the University of New Hampshire.  After starting a job mentoring adults with disabilities, I found myself captivated and emotional in a seated, adaptive yoga class.  It wasn’t until seeing the powerful effect that yoga can have on all bodies that truly created a shift in my perspective.  The seed was planted, and I wanted learn more.

I moved to Chicago in December 2013 from small-town New Hampshire, and day one in the city, googled “Yoga in Lakeview,” finding a studio just blocks away from my new apartment.  Yoga became an outlet and a support mechanism after moving to an intimidating, new city with no job and no real sense of self.  The shift in perspective continued as I became physically grounded, mentally stronger, more in tune with my inner needs and voice.

I first found Yoga Six through a fellow teacher who informed me of their Work for Trade program.  I signed up to clean the studio, and in return, received unlimited yoga.  I realized I had found her “kula,” her community, her tribe with endless guidance and support.  In the Fall of 2015, I enrolled in their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, knowing that sharing with others the impact that yoga had, and continues to have, on my multiple layers of life is what I am here to do. Any body that is able to put their ego aside, a smile on their face, and has a willingness to try is welcome in my class.  In return, I offer a sense of honesty, humility and stillness.

Since my 200 hour training, I have also completed extensive training and become certified to teach both Prenatal Yoga and Children’s Yoga.

When not teaching, you can find me at a local brewery sipping away on some craft brews, enjoying the beautiful Lakefront path in Chicago, or snuggling up with a cat or dog, whether it’s mine or not.