Sometimes I look like I’m conducting an orchestra. Sometimes I make silly jokes.  Sometimes they are caught on camera.  Other ways, people tell me.  Please keep telling me.  Tell me the good in a class, tell me what didn’t sit well with you, tell me if anything came up inside that you didn’t know was there.  Here are a few quotes from my student’s so far. The more I know, the better teacher I can be.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to take Cait’s hot yoga classes. As a newbie to yoga, these classes were challenging yet extremely satisfying. I felt I was in a safe non-judgmental environment during these classes despite my novice level. I loved the attention Cait gave to individual form but also individual level of comfort throughout.”

“I really enjoyed the energy and atmosphere that you created in your class! You make both yourself and the practice approachable to your students while maintaining a safe environment. Keep up the good work! Your students love you.”

“You are a rockstar and so good at what you do! You can totally tell that you are passionate about yoga through your teaching and you are such a little ray of sunshine.”

“It was great for all levels from bald men that can’t touch their toes to short haired girls who love inversions.”

“Having minimal yoga experience, you eased me right into the different positions and techniques. Your instructions are clear and concise and guidance is provided. The flow was easy to follow and left me feeling rejuvenated.”

Thanks for the love, yogis! Anything else you’d like to share with me, please send me a message and let me know.  The good, the bad, and the silly.